Harbour Ambition seeks to deliver a "Community Empowered" approach to the development of the Poole Quays regeneration area. We are seeking a positive working partnership with BCP Council and other alliance partners to ensure that development promotes community, delivers on the highest standards of environmental sustainability and meets the ambitions of local people.

Our Community

We define our community in the context of local people and organisations with aspiration and with professional skills and experience. People who are passionate about Poole and seek to overcome problems to find solutions to bring sites forward for development in a way that is environmentally sustainable, and Community Empowered.

Creating a Community Innovation Partnership

We seek to develop a collaborative and innovative eco-system of local, national and international partners with expertise in order to deliver on our objectives. To do this we propose that a Development Trust be established to hold the vision and values and to provide governance for this innovative partnership now and for future generations. This will be developed in full consultation with BCP Council and other partners.

Establishing a Development Consortium

We are forming a development consortium of partners to work in an alliance that will deliver developments in-line with the vision and values. Principally this will be formed of architects, planners and people from our local community and supported by national and international partners as required.

Building Community Led Affordable Housing

We are establishing a Community Land Trust to deliver “Integrated Housing”* that delivers affordable & community led housing.  This is currently being formed as a Community Benefit Society.

*We describe Integrated Housing as inclusive development incorporating alternative ownership and rental models, Co-Living, Market Price, Social & Affordable dispersed across the development in a way that encourages a more diverse and equal neighbourhood.

Developing a Community of Future Residents

We seek to build a community of people who have an interest in living and being part of a Community of people who want to live lives in community and be more sustainable. We will do this by involving them early in the development of ideas and concepts.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

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